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Personal Alcohol And Drug Recovery Stories

I look at it every morning and thank God for the journey I have been on. It has also given me an opportunity to tell my story. I made the choice before I came to Valley Hope to be 100 percent up front and honest with everyone about what was happening and where I was going.

SpringBoard Recovery was born from the passion and personal experience of its founders. We understand the real-world challenges of early recovery and are here to help and we are passionate about helping our clients lead balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lives. I actually have to listen to the answer and be willing to act. Even if it scares me or confuses me or makes me mad. For the first few weeks in sobriety, I was a whistling Dutch boy.

I Skateboard Sober

“Wonderful place for treatment! I really like the one year of aftercare. The family sessions were very helpful and I really appreciate their support during a tough time.” Whether you just started your fight to become sober or you’ve been working at it for years, the stories are proof of the good that can come from sobriety.

sober success stories

That siren song eventually led to broadcast journalist Elizabeth Vargas to admit her addiction on national television. Hoping to make her dreams a reality, Michelle Tea recounts her awkward attempts to gain literary fame as she smokes, drinks, and snorts her way through San Francisco. She begins to slowly grow into a healthy, reasonable, self-aware, and stable adult.

Trust God Clean House Help Othersliving Amends

I was spiking 10 bags a day into my veins and was never aware of what was really going on in real life. The grave was waiting for me and it was to be soon that I will die because my body and mind could not take it any more. Then came you the naltrexone implant and turned it all around. This was really a miracle and I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my life, This worked instantly for me without side-effects or any severe withdrawal symptoms.

sober success stories

By the time I was 21, I was addicted to alcohol and cocaine. Most people rarely even get to glimpse the positive, powerful side of alcohol addiction recovery, as they go about their normal lives. Alcoholism is something that happens to somebody else, anyway. The day I walked into my first recovery meeting, I hadn’t worked in nearly two years. I had no running water, phone or heat in my duplex for almost a year. I had sores on my head from not washing my hair and sores on my face from a relentless obsession that meth gives you for picking at anything close by.

Inspirational Stories

Honestly, I never wanted to go down that path, nobody does. Knowing that, not in a million years did I think I would reach the depths of destruction I did. I left out so many details that you wouldn’t believe they were true if I told you. But even then, when you think you’ve reached that place of no return… when there is still life, there is hope. My life has turned a complete 180-degrees.

It’s being accountable for myself, my actions, and my place in this world. It’s living in the present, always aware I have choices to make every day. Sobriety is being intentional with things—my choices, my words, my interactions with others, and the impression I make on people, especially those in early recovery. Sobriety means as much as Jesus does to me.

Getting Off: One Womans Journey Through Sex And Porn Addiction By Erica Garza

I honestly believe that you can do anything you want to do. Sometimes you need help, treatment, guidance, and therapy. Hi, I am now 22 and started using drugs when I was only 16. I only did it at parties, but found myself feeling the need to buy my own and so I started to.

sober success stories

I started with the implant about 2 years ago for alcohol abuse. After my mother passed away I started drinking a lot, so bad that I started to vomit blood and nearly had no liver function left. After my implant I got my love for life back and lost my love for alcohol.

Im Black And Im Sober: The Timeless Story Of A Womans Journey Back To Sanity By Chaney Allen

This treatment is like a miracle to me as a person, there is a clear difference sober success stories in my life and as a person. My life turned for the better after the implant.

  • They gave me direction and guided me through the addiction.
  • I use the serenity prayer several times a day and I thank God at the end of the day.
  • I am honored to be able to be apart of others recovery and give back to the program that gave so freely to me.
  • My connection with my Higher Power enables me to take on life as it is without having to numb myself to endure it.
  • The problem with crystal methamphetamine treatment is that no prescribed medication can help to soothe withdrawal symptoms.

I did well, and knew after completing it I wanted more. What is the progression, a full marathon! I registered for the 2014 Pittsburgh Marathon and really enjoyed the long distance training runs leading up to the race. I ran the Wineglass Marathon in October, then the following year I ran 8 marathons! I was hooked on this distance, until I heard about ultrarunning.

The scholarship that I was blessed with changed my life. I have been blessed in such a way it’s like a dream. For once in my life, I can honestly say I am truly at peace with myself and the world. I still have a lot of work to do, but one thing is for sure, if it wasn’t for God that worked through Sharon that night, I would be dead right now. My connection with my Higher Power enables me to take on life as it is without having to numb myself to endure it. By the grace of God, she allowed me to move into one of her homes with a scholarship that would waive the deposit and the entire first month’s rent.

We even took him to a football game last week and had a fantastic time. He never even thought about a drink and I could tell just by his great attitude and the fun he was having. He tells me he just feels free from alcohol and looks forward to getting on with his life. Anyway thanks for your help and understanding. The masses of veterans that come through the Omaha, Lincoln, and Grand Island VA systems alone for alcohol or substance treatment is staggering.

Recovery Speakers

Maybe the most striking part of Patrick’s personality is his acute self-awareness. It’s a trait that he sharpened Alcohol detoxification while in recovery, and it’s a significant reason why he’s finally found so much success staying sober.

A decade of collegiate recovery support at the University – Nevada Today

A decade of collegiate recovery support at the University.

Posted: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 18:18:15 GMT [source]

I had NO urge to have a drink or a want for any drugs. My depression seemed to have left and I was able to socialize without needing any alcohol. The Naltrexone implant has made a huge difference to my life.

sober success stories

I have overdosed on three occasions and nearly lost my leg. But after my implant my life has changed. Within 3 months I was promoted from boilermaker to technical manager and have my own house. I have my family back and I have my life back. My boss sees so much potential in me he wants to send me for further studies. I thank you so much for your contribution. I just want to say thank you its been 4 months and my life has changed so much.

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